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The climate of Aspen, Colorado is typical of areas in high altitudes that have low humidity and intense sunshine.

No matter when you visit the area, it is advisable to wear sunglasses and to use sunscreen.


The warmth of the summer months mixed with the dry atmosphere sometimes prompts temperatures as high as 90 degrees during the day. However, the area also enjoys sudden afternoon rain showers - so be advised to carry a raincoat. Although it may be summer, it is always wise to carry a lightweight coat or a sweater during the evening as the temperatures then may drop to 40-50 degrees.

In the summer months, the temperature hover around 85 degrees for a high and occasionally dip to 45 degrees during the night.


The dry weather usually continues on into the fall, with occasional cold spells, and/or a scattering of snow in the high mountain area. During the last of September and the first part of October, the mountains are ablaze with the beauty of fall colors.


Winter months are typically warm as temperatures range from 20 to 40 degrees.

Best known for the warmth of the winter sun, Aspen is an ideal place to enjoy winter sports. However, when the sun sets, the temperature drops suddenly. It is always a good idea to dress warmly and expect the day to progressively get colder.


During the change of the seasons in the spring, as the mountain climate moves from the extreme of the cold of winter to the heat of the summer, the days can be either cool or hot. There may even be an occasional snowfall.

The best advice is to be prepared for any change in the weather when traveling or visiting Aspen, Colorado.

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