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Shopping, Nightlife and Sippin' Lattes

Everything that downtown Aspen, Colorado has to offer.

Visiting Aspen, Colorado has a special highlight - touring the downtown area of this marvelous mountain location. Founded in 1880, Aspen flourished as a silver-mining town in the Colorado Silver Boom days. Now Aspen is an upscale tourist destination with shops, hotels and restaurants of every type and for every budget.

On Route 82 you'll come right into the heart of downtown, with side streets often providing even more exploration opportunities. The highway follows East Main and turns onto South Galena Street where you'll discover the true quaint mountain flair of Aspen. Two pedestrian streets have gift stores and souvenir shops, outdoor cafés and a great open-air market for the summer crowds. Ski shops abound for the winter skiing enthusiasts.

Downtown Aspen Shopping

If you love to shop as I do, you'll find shopping in downtown Aspen is as great an adventure as you could imagine. A plentitude of shops offer anything you could want to purchase as gifts or acquisitions for your own sweet collections. Put on your walking shoes, as you'll want to stroll the downtown streets and enjoy the ambience.

International jetsetters make Aspen a home and Aspen is now known as a playground for the rich and famous. Famous boutiques have arrived in Aspen to cater to these very people. You'll find Dior, Prada, Ralph Lauren and Gucci boutiques, as well as the fashions and designs of Burberry, Fendi and Brioni.

As you pick up a Latte from a corner café you can move past the quaint brick-front buildings, sippin' and strolling. Window-shopping can't be beat in Aspen! But quit dreaming and walk in and get that terrific leather handbag! Despite the modern amenities, the flavor of the town makes you think you'll see a woman in a bustle skirt scurrying by herding her knicker-clad boys.

Restaurants and Cafes

You have a wide array in your choice of foods Aspen, so dining out in any of the restaurants and cafés offer delicious fare. A delectable wine with your dinner puts a special touch to the evening.

Whether Caribbean or French cuisine, a meal with southwestern flare or inexpensive Tex-Mex food, you will delight in the tastes and atmosphere of Aspen's dining experience. Grab ribs or pizza for lunch; eat in a 1950s style diner or an Italian restaurant at night. The choice is yours!

Nightlife in Aspen

High-energy is a good way to describe Aspen's ever-exciting nightlife! The slopes can be bare and still you'll find the crowds of happy people enjoying music, dancing and drinking in downtown Aspen.

During ski season, the après-ski experience comes to life when the lifts close. There are more than 100 bars, clubs and restaurants to enjoy and you can pick between the lively and noisy ones or (my favorite) the quiet corners with warm fires.

Aspen ranks very high in nightlife, and you'll see why once you start touring after the sun goes down. Discover why a lively jazz club can take boredom out of any vacation night. Shoot some pool or sip a margarita on a terrace in the summer evening.

Don't neglect to get out on the floor and dance the night away. The beat will take you over as the music rises in volume throughout downtown Aspen. Whether live music or an energetic DJ, Latin-style dancing or rock, you will want to hit the dance floor. If you prefer not to dance, it's a great people-watching experience.

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