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Summer Activities & Services

The fun at Buttermilk Mountain does not stop once the winter season is over. All that the disappearance of snow means is the advent of a whole bunch of other activities. Summertime fun! It's all here to experience at Buttermilk Mountain. Read More

The recreation opportunities at Buttermilk and surrounding areas are abundant. You can go hiking – there are many trails to choose from and they cater to all fitness levels. There's backpacking and camping for the super outdoorsy type. Camping here is unique with lots of streams and rivers to choose from, and the clear night skies are magnificent. Shooting stars can be quite commonplace, so don't forget to make a wish! Picnicking promises to provide a lot of family fun, while for the more intrepid visitor there's mountain climbing. Fishing, of course, is mandatory in this beautiful part of the country. You'll find it to be an unforgettable experience. In addition, the Colorado and Arkansas rivers are in close proximity providing some thrilling whitewater rafting and kayaking. And if you choose horseback riding, you'll be wowed by all the wildflowers and nature's beauty.

That's the thing about Buttermilk, no matter what summertime activity you opt for, you'll always have breathtaking scenery around you. Speaking of which, the majestic Maroon Bells are in the area and are one of the legendary sights to see. Towering over 14,000 feet in elevation, the symmetrical summits are perfectly framed by the valley and reflected by Maroon Lake on windless days.

For the quieter types, there're restaurants, boutiques, and museums in nearby Aspen town, or you may choose to enjoy the simplicity of a hay ride or a barbecue.

When it comes to Buttermilk in the summertime, the sky is the limit. So come visit during summer for the ultimate experience in vacation destinations.