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Aspen and Vail are almost synonymous. Both towns are acclaimed hot spots for the extremely wealthy and famous. Both towns have excellent skiing and a plethora of outdoor activities. Both towns also have amazing food, fascinating art, and obscene real estate values. Read More

While on vacation in Aspen, why not head over to Vail and see for yourself the similarities and differences between these rival ski towns. They are less than an hour apart. Whereas Aspen is nestled in to the mountains and accessed from a relatively small highway, Vail is conveniently located right on Interstate 70! For this reason and others, you will most likely find that each town has its own character.

One of the main draws to visit Vail is the amazing ski terrain. Even if you are spending most of your vacation is Aspen, you will not regret taking a day to check out skiing in Vail. Skiing in Vail is special from a historical context as well. It was originally explored by veterans of the famous 10th Mountain Division. Also noteworthy are the numerous world ski events have been held at Vail in the past. Ski in the tracks of some of your mountain heroes!

The best part about visiting Vail is arguably the nightlife in Tyrolean Village. As a walking only, European style activity zone, you will have the time of your life exploring the culture of Vail. Don't worry about driving back to Aspen after partying. Just rent a hotel room or condo for the night! All other services are also available in Vail.