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Nestled in the Rocky Mountains and home to stylish towns such as Aspen and Snowmass, Roaring Fork Valley attracts visitors of every kind. The valley is best known for its amazing winters and excellent skiing. The Roaring Fork Valley consists of five primary areas: The Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and Redstone Areas. Read More

Aspen Area The Aspen Area is located in the upper end of the valley in the Rocky Mountains of west-central Colorado. Aspen boasts world-class skiing on four mountains, and provides a cultural night life with concerts, live performances, and several art galleries and museums. Visitors are also attracted to the exquisite shopping opportunities found in Aspen.

Basalt Area The Basalt Area is located outside of Aspen near the confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the Fryingpan River. The Basalt Area is not as ritzy as the Aspen Area and the cost of living here is less expensive.

Carbondale Area The Carbondale Area encompasses the lower portion of the Roaring Fork Valley as well as parts of the Crystal River Valley. Outdoor recreation opportunities include biking, fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, backpacking, and more. This area is about 175 miles west of Denver.

Glenwood Springs Area The Glenwood Springs Area include the Glenwood Canyon, lower portions of the Roaring Fork River Valley, and portions of the Colorado River. Fishing and boating are popular activities in one of the several rivers which flow through Glenwood Springs. Guides and outfitters are available to show you prime spots to cast your line or launch your boat.

Redstone Area The Redstone Area is considered a Rocky Mountain Resort area. You'll find exceptional galleries and shops, as well as historic buildings.

Because the Roaring Fork Valley provides so much in terms of recreation and entertainment, the cost of living is extremely high. Non-housing expenses tend to run nearly 15-20% more than in other cities in the US. Housing is also expensive, if you can even find a place for sale. The average home in Aspen costs about $1.7 million.

To make ends meet, many people who choose to stay in the valley opt for living in the less expensive areas outside of downtown Aspen such as Basalt and Carbondale. However, although living expenses are cheaper outside of Aspen, commuting time and costs are also important factors to consider. The residents of Roaring Fork Valley do not want to deter people from relocating to the valley; they just want to make sure that determined relocating folks are adequately prepared.

Other Roaring Fork Valley Resources

Wilderness Workshop

The mission of the Wilderness Workshop is to preserve and protect the ecosystems and watershed that surround the Roaring Fork.

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers organize and offer many opportunities for volunteers to assist in trail work and other conservation projects.