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Glenwood Springs History

The colorful Glenwood Springs history covers pearls of the past, such as Indian inhabitants, gunfighters, hot springs attracting presidents and the establishment of lands for outdoor recreation. Read More

  • 1860: The first white man comes to the Glenwood Springs area
  • 1885: The town of Glenwood Springs is incorporated
  • 1924: Hanging Lake becomes a tourist spot
  • 1948: President Truman stops in Glenwood Springs
  • 1955: A monument to Doc Holliday is erected
  • 1999: Glenwood Caverns and Fairy Caves opens

The first white man comes to the area, discovering the hot springs.

Glenwood Springs sees its first permanent settler, James Landis. He now owns the hot springs property.

The original inhabitants of the surrounding area, the Ute Indians, are made to move to reservation land in Utah.

The town of Glenwood Springs is incorporated.

The railroad arrives in Glenwood Springs. The famous gambler and gunfighter Doc Holliday dies in the Hotel Glenwood. He is buried in Linwood Cemetery.

The building of the stone bathhouse at the Glenwood Hot Springs is completed and the third vapor cave is added.

President Benjamin Harrison stays a day in Glenwood Springs; attending church, bathing in the hot springs and later in the evening, speaking to residents before leaving.

The White River National Forest is created.

The first airplane arrives in Glenwood Springs.

Seven hundred acres including Hanging Lake is purchased by Glenwood Springs for a city park.

The Civilian Conservation Corps build roads and clears brush for a ski area as well as builds the municipal airport.

The hot springs pool, the hotel in town and the Vapor Caves are used as a Navy Hospital. It’s wartime.

A train carrying President Harry Truman stops in town on his campaign tour.

The California Zephyr train arrives in Glenwood Springs.

Doc Holliday’s monument is erected in Linwood Cemetery.

After 12 years of construction, Interstate 70 is dedicated on its grand opening.

Glenwood Caverns and Fairy Caves opens to the public.