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Yampah Spa Vapor Caves

The Yampah Spa Vapor Caves, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, are renowned for their curative hot mineral waters and the relaxation generated from the wonder of a natural hot steam bath. Read More

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  • Relax in the Yampah Spa Vapor Caves and enjoy the curative hot steam baths
  • Approximately 40 miles from Aspen in Glenwood Springs
  • Admission is only $15 and includes a towel
  • See why Ute Indians revered these waters as sacred
  • Get other rejuvenating treatments, like messages, mud baths or facials


Visitors take time out from their busy life to enjoy the Yampah Vapor Caves with the natural steam baths so soothing and rejuvenating. Temperatures average between 110 and 112 degrees, so a bather can take a break in a nearby cooling room after about 10 minutes of hot steam. A solarium can also be a pleasant place to relax between ventures into the vapor cave. Anyone coming to Glenwood Springs should take advantage of the Vapor Caves and the opportunity to melt away stress and tension.


The Yampah Spa Vapor Caves are only an hour from Aspen and about 3 hours from Denver. From Aspen, get on Highway 82, cross over I-70 and turn right onto 6th Street. From Denver or Grand Junction, take the Glenwood Springs exit on Interstate 70, going north to the stoplight and turning right on 6th Street.

Yampah Spa Vapor Caves
709 E. Sixth St
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone: 970-945-0667


The Yampah Spa Vapor Caves are open every day. Hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. Be sure to call ahead of time as sometimes spring runoff floods the caves for a short period of time.


  • Admission to the Vapor Cave is $15 and includes one towel.

More Info

In the early days, the Ute Indians used this area for healing, considering it a sacred place. There were fifty springs pouring forth thousands of gallons of hot spring water. Temperatures ranged up to 127 degrees F. Later, settlers discovered the hot springs and would bathe in the therapeutic waters. The caves were opened as an attraction in the late 1800s. Today, after many renovations, guests can use three separate chambers built into the rock. Other offered treatments include massages, mud baths, facials, waxing and hair care.